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T-Mobile announced earlier this week that it would turn on 5G in Las Vegas on June 28. Because AT&T wants to say they did Las Vegas “first,” they went ahead and turned it on today. The petty hustle is real, folks.

AT&T says that “areas of Las Vegas” are live with 5G, which only AT&T business customers can access at this time. Remember, AT&T still doesn’t sell any 5G devices to regular ol’ consumers, including the Galaxy S10 5G. Still to this date, only AT&T business customers can buy the S10 5G.

As for which “areas” are live, we have no idea. Unlike T-Mobile, who posted their semi-sad 5G maps, AT&T will do no such thing.

Just a reminder, but AT&T’s 5G is currently called 5G+, because it’s 5G mmW. It’s identical to the hotspot-like network that Verizon is pushing into cities, where coverage is limited, but speeds can be super fast if you are right next to a 5G cell and have direct line-of-sight.

AT&T now has 5G live in 20 cities.

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