US 5G Cities for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint

US 5G Cities for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint

5G is on the rise in the US, so just like with the 4G LTE rollout of years past, we are seeing a similar trickle out of 5G cities from US carriers. Whether they feature 5G mmW or sub-6 5G tech, there is a good chance 5G is close to your neck of the woods.

Since carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint only ever announce a couple of 5G areas at a time, we figured you might want a giant list of 5G cities for each, all in one place, that is (hopefully) updated regularly. You’ll find that here.

Verizon 5G Cities

Atlanta, GA Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, IL Providence, RI
Denver, CO St. Paul, MN
Detroit, MI Washington, DC
Indianapolis, IN

AT&T 5G Cities

Atlanta, GA Nashville, TN
Austin, TX New Orleans, LA
Charlotte, NC Oklahoma City, OK
Dallas, TX Orlando, FL
Houston, TX Raleigh, NC
Indianapolis, IN San
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Verizon Adds Another Set of 5G Cities to the Map

Verizon Adds Another Set of 5G Cities to the Map

Verizon added four new 5G cities to its list today, bringing the total to nine. The new Verizon 5G cities are Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Washington DC.

Like every other Verizon 5G market, these new locations will only have 5G in select areas. This is once again Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband, which is the 5G that doesn’t reach far or through or into buildings well, but it is super fast.

Want specifics on exactly where you’ll find 5G? We’ll leave that to Verizon:

Atlanta, GA:

5G Ultra Wideband service will be concentrated in parts of the following neighborhoods, Downtown, Midtown, and Tech Square, around such landmarks as The Fox Theater, Emory University Hospital Midtown, Mercedes Benz Stadium, Home Depot Backyard, Centennial Olympic Park, Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca Cola, and parts of Renaissance Park.

  • Downtown
  • Midtown
  • Tech Square

Denver, CO:

5G Ultra Wideband service will be concentrated

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Verizon’s Galaxy Note 10+ 5G has Been Tested

Verizon’s Galaxy Note 10+ 5G has Been Tested

A leak from last week showed the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G as a possible Verizon exclusive and now that same device has stopped by the FCC for testing. I’m not sure we learn anything new, thanks to the countless leaks in recent weeks, but it’s always cool to see a device’s 5G tested, since 5G is still so new.

The Verizon Galaxy Note 10+ 5G showed up as model SM-N976V, with that “V” representing Verizon in the way that older Galaxy phone models used to tip off carrier variants. The device has support for Verizon CDMA and LTE, as well as two 5G mmW bands that Big Red uses for their 5G Ultra Wideband. Those two bands are n260 (39GHz) and n261 (28GHz).

There is a whole new set of tests from the FCC for 5G, which is the cool part of this all. This particular filing shows … Read the rest

Verizon Moto Z2 Force Getting Pie, Which Means 5G Moto Mod Support

Verizon Moto Z2 Force Getting Pie, Which Means 5G Moto Mod Support

We learned recently that Motorola decided against shipping out Pie to the Moto Z2 Force for customers on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. However, the Pie update was still green lit for Verizon, because without the Pie update, the phone wouldn’t support the 5G Moto Mod, and thus, not be able to access Verizon’s mobile 5G network.

Today, that Pie update is rolling out to Moto Z2 Force owners on Verizon.

While having Pie is great, and it comes with all of the features you expect to be inside of Pie (new navigation options, improved Do Not Disturb, etc.), this update brings support for the 5G Moto Mod, as Motorola said it would back in May.

The software version is labeled as PCX29.159-21 and we assume the package size is large.

Once updated, we assume getting 5G up and running on your Z2 Force is relatively painless. First, you’ll need … Read the rest

Galaxy Note 10+ 5G for Verizon Disclosed, Appears to be Limited Time Exclusive

Galaxy Note 10+ 5G for Verizon Disclosed, Appears to be Limited Time Exclusive

Not too long ago in April, Verizon’s own CEO stated very clearly that Galaxy Note 10 would feature 5G. He didn’t clarify that there would be a specific 5G variant coming to Big Red, but it makes complete sense. Thanks to an image tweeted by @evleaks this week, it appears that the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is coming to Verizon, most likely as a limited time exclusive.

In the image, it states if you pre-order the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G you’ll receive a free Galaxy Note 10 should you get it on an Unlimited plan. It also says “Get it first at Verizon.”

Unlike the Galaxy S10+ 5G, it seems safer to assume that the 5G variant of the Galaxy Note 10+ is simply a Galaxy Note 10+ with 5G connectivity onboard, but those details aren’t yet known.

Galaxy Note 10 will be announced on August 7.

Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

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Apple closes in on $1 billion deal to buy Intel’s modem business: report

Apple closes in on $1 billion deal to buy Intel’s modem business: report

Enlarge / Apple CEO Tim Cook. (credit: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Apple is in the final stages of negotiations to buy the bulk of Intel’s modem chip business, The Wall Street Journal reports. The Journal says the deal, valued at $1 billion or more, could be finalized in the next week. The deal would involve the transfer of talent as well as modem-related patents.

Intel’s wireless efforts date back to at least 2011, when the company bought Infineon Technologies for $1.4 billion. Intel hoped to become a major rival to Qualcomm, which has long played a dominant role in the market for wireless chips.

But Intel has struggled to gain traction. That’s partly because Qualcomm negotiated restrictive contracts with potential Intel customers that effectively blocked them from considering a second supplier. After Apple began shipping iPhones with Intel chips inside them in 2016, Qualcomm declared war on

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Verizon wants you to pay $650 plus $85 a month for a 5G hotspot

Verizon wants you to pay $650 plus $85 a month for a 5G hotspot

Enlarge / A Verizon booth at Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles in September 2018. (credit: Verizon)

Verizon’s 5G mobile service is available in just a handful of cities, but the carrier is charging premium prices to the few people who live in range of the network.

Verizon yesterday announced its first 5G hotspot, namely the Inseego MiFi M1000 that Verizon is selling for $650. On top of the device cost, the monthly fees for 5G service will be higher than 4G even though Verizon’s 5G network barely exists.

Verizon said hotspot-only plans “start at $85 a month (plus taxes and fees).” Verizon describes the $85-per-month hotspot plan as “unlimited” when you go through the online checkout process. But the fine print states that customers get 50GB of high-speed 5G data, and 5G speeds are reduced to 3Mbps after that. The plan treats 5G and 4G data separately;

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Verizon Turns on 5G in St. Paul, Launches MiFi M1000 Hotspot

Verizon Turns on 5G in St. Paul, Launches MiFi M1000 Hotspot

Verizon added another 5G city and 5G device today to its growing list.

St. Paul, Minnesota joins Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, and Providence as 5G Verizon cities. Like the other four, St. Paul’s 5G is available in limited areas including Downtown, Lowertown, and West Seventh. More specifically Verizon describe the coverage as being in “parts of Downtown, Lowertown and West Seventh neighborhoods around such landmarks as the Minnesota Children’s Museum, the Minnesota Museum of American Art, the Fitzgerald Theater, Cathedral Hill Park and the Alexander Ramsey House.”

The 5G in St. Paul is the same 5G Ultra Wideband (mmW) that those other cities have. As we have explained countless times at this point, it’s very much like hotspot 5G in that it can produce Gigabit speeds, but you’ll need to be close to a tower, hopefully in direct line of sight, and not sitting behind a wall or door.… Read the rest

AT&T to Showcase GeForce NOW Over 5G on an Android Phone This Weekend

AT&T to Showcase GeForce NOW Over 5G on an Android Phone This Weekend

Right now, NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW is playable on a handful of devices (Mac and Windows computers, SHIELD TV), none of which are Android phones. However, announced earlier this week, AT&T will be highlighting the streaming gaming service running over a 5G network on an Android device.

And the 5G fun doesn’t stop there. Visitors to the Thomas & Mack Center from July 13-14 can experience 5G firsthand. They’ll be able to play the latest PC games in near real-time on a 5G smartphone with a tech demo of GeForce NOW cloud gaming service for Android or experience downloading an entire movie in seconds.

Why is this a big deal? Well, it means GeForce NOW is likely getting launched for Android, of course!

When and if this does happen, Android phone owners would be able to access AAA gaming titles on the go via a very, very good data connection (or … Read the rest

Sprint Launches Mobile 5G Network in 4 Markets

Sprint Fires Up Mobile 5G Network in Chicago, IL

Sprint has flipped the 5G switch in parts of Chicago, IL.

With this, Sprint says that its 5G network covers roughly 700,000 people in the Windy City. And of course, Sprint isn’t close to being done. In the coming weeks, 5G is expected to launch in areas of Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, and Washington DC.

Where Can I Find It?

True Mobile 5G from Sprint is available from the historic IL-64 in the north to Stevenson Expressway in the south, and as far as California Avenue in the west to the periphery of Lake Michigan in the east. Sprint 5G covers popular destinations such as Magnificent Mile, River North, Millennium Park, River Front, The Loop and Grant Park, as well as the neighborhoods of Gold Coast, Old Town, West Loop, Ukrainian Village, Medical Village, University of Illinois at Chicago, South Loop and more.

Of course, to access it, … Read the rest