Human Cloning: Should it be Encouraged?

What would you do if you know that there is a cure for heart failure? Would you cry and resign to fate, or opt for human cloning as the alternative? There are many opinions about the good and bad side of human cloning. As in every other place, opinions are divided on human cloning on Collected.Reviews.

Back in the mid-2000s, the technology to create embryonic stem cells for the growth of new tissue applicable to patients was developed. These cells are genetically identical to the victim’s and they could be applied in therapeutic activities. Such treatment has been identified as a healthy growth of the medical line. However, some believe that it requires an international ban.

Reading through advanced technology reviews, the need to assist those with chronic health conditions led to the start of human cloning. Many believe that the horror that human cells can be cloned shouldn’t be considered remote. They believe that it is an alarming advancement that could sponsor an “outpour of hysteria”.

Many also believe that if the technology will stand, there should be standards to have it applied. It is largely banned for anti-abortion practices. In the same manner, it is combated against in terms of the development of fetuses.  Many other people, like the director of Manchester University Institute of Science, Ethics, and Innovation, Professor John Harris, believe that it is a stupid science.

He believes that it could disallow genetic normality. If the cloned particle of an adult is used to create a new child, the child has random DNA which is stupid in the context. Although he agrees that it could help medically, however, there are big medical risks that could lead to death.

Other scientists also note that caution is the best consideration for such technology. Ian Wilmut of Dolly the Sheep believes that it could result in the creation of odd babies. From the nucleus, the human egg cell is removed and it’s inserted into the skin cell. As the electric shock fuses, there is a division of the egg into different new cells and this is how an embryo is formed. This is what transforms into a concrete stem cell which is created from the genetic culture.

Many have pleaded for the ban of this medical technology on the basis of medicine. From the White House, there is a belief that the risks involved outweighs its good. In the administration of President W. Bush, he believed that it is a challenge against the “conscience” of the United States of America. He also believes that it is dangerous and the chances of failure are high.

Different science panels also believe that no voluntary system must be steered to permit human cloning. They also emphasize the social, religious, and ethical reasons why it is resisted. Lawmakers across the country have also aired their views, and it’s believed that it’s important to discourage human cloning to protect the human race.

Across different countries, human cloning had been banned, and this is to ensure that the generation of a human develops in concert with the natural order.

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