A Google device categorized as a “wireless device” stopped by the FCC today that’s a bit of a mystery. We have no idea what this product could be, but there are some hints within the FCC docs.

The device carries a model number of G022A, which is incredibly close to the Pixel 3a whose model number is G020G. The regular Pixel 3 was G013A. The thing is, the FCC will call a device a smartphone if it’s a smartphone. For this device, they only call it a “wireless device.” 

Additionally, the FCC only tested Bluetooth LE. They didn’t test cellular radios or WiFi, so I think it’s safe to assume this isn’t a smartphone.

The FCC label for the product is buried within a companion app, so the device likely doesn’t have a display and/or is small enough that it might not have room for a label.

So what it is? New Pixel Buds? Maybe. A remote of some sort? I don’t know what it would be a remote for, that’s the thing. Honestly, this is a mystery. Well done, Google, you’ve kept an FCC filing vague enough to stump us.

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