CBS shows the first new image of Patrick Stewart as Picard in 17 years

Enlarge / A photo taken of the brief video clip CBS showed at the Upfronts. (credit: Kate Aurthur)

We now have our first look at Patrick Stewart in character as Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Jean-Luc Picard since the film Star Trek: Nemesis back in 2002.

The image is a photo of a video clip shown at CBS’ Upfronts presentation. Upfronts are hosted by TV networks like CBS to show off the next season’s slate of shows primarily to advertisers, but sometimes to press as well. Press and advertising professionals who presented at the event shared the details on Twitter. The image itself was shared by Kate Aurthur, Buzzfeed’s chief Los Angeles correspondent.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette TV critic Rob Owen described the brief scene in a tweet, writing that the clip featured “a Starfleet officer asking Jean-Luc, ‘May I have your name, please, sir?’ as Picard appears incredulous.”

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