LOS ANGELES—I have not seen or played enough of Final Fantasy VII Remake to confirm exactly how the game will play out when it launches on PlayStation 4 consoles in March 2020. What I can say so far, at least, is that I’m far from a Final Fantasy or JRPG apologist, and yet 1.5 hours with the game’s E3 2019 debut has me absolutely excited.

Really, I’m shocked to admit that. Yet familiar elements, new combat, and incredible polish across the presentation and dialogue have me convinced that I’ll be a day-one FFVIIR player, no matter how good, weird, or poor the final game turns out to be. Thus, I’m here to talk about why I feel that way—and what remains to be confirmed or explained about this ambitious, murky, “first in an undetermined series” return to Square Enix’s glory days.

Weighing in for a legitimate brawl

Square Enixr’s Monday E3 press conference confirmed a few things about FFVIIR, from the refreshed visuals to the expanded story and its newly recorded, voice-acted dialogue. But first things first: how does it feel to play the darned thing?

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