LOS ANGELES—After what Bethesda’s Todd Howard admitted on stage was some “well-deserved criticism” at the launch of Fallout 76, Bethesda rolled out the first phase of its turnaround plan for the game at its E3 press conference tonight.

That plan starts with Nuclear Winter, a 52-player Battle Royale mode that sees players fighting for the role of “overseer” using Fallout‘s usual lineup of guns, power armor, and some “exclusive perks” to upgrade your own abilities. That mode will be available as a “sneak peek” during a free trial of the full game starting June 10 and running through June 17.

Then, in the fall, a free update being called “Wastelanders” will introduce new elements including a full quest line, new rewards, full dialogue trees, and the much-requested return of human non-player characters. Players will also be able to choose between siding with two different factions: Settlers and Raiders.

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