Google speaks to fuzzy game-ownership question in new Stadia FAQ

Google speaks to fuzzy game-ownership question in new Stadia FAQ

The picture of exactly how Stadia, Google’s upcoming cloud-streaming game service, will function when it formally launches this November became a bit clearer last week. An official FAQ about the service went live at Google’s official support hub shortly before the Independence Day holiday. Arguably the biggest news in the update was one that spoke to Stadia’s fuzzy issue of game ownership—or lack thereof.

The July 3 FAQ proposes a question that may look familiar to anyone who uses digital download services on smartphones and game consoles: “What happens to a game I bought if the publisher stops supporting Stadia in the future? Can I still play the game?” Google

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Google Stadia in 4K might push you past your home-Internet data cap

Google Stadia exec isn’t worried about data caps—but he probably should be

Enlarge / A Google Stadia controller and a Google Chromecast Ultra. (credit: Google)

The Google executive in charge of the company’s new Stadia game-streaming service says he thinks data caps won’t be a problem—but his prediction largely depends on the generosity of ISPs.

In an interview Friday with GameSpot, Google VP Phil Harrison said his confidence stems from US broadband providers’ history of treating their customers well.

As he told GameSpot:

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