National Treasure Kristen Bell is back as everyone’s favorite PI in Hulu’s miniseries of Veronica Mars.

Marshmallows, rejoice, for Hulu has dropped the first teaser for its miniseries revival of Veronica Mars. Based on the footage, it looks like a return to peak form for our favorite sassy, taser-wielding, crime-fighting heroine.

(Spoilers for first three seasons and the 2014 film below.)

The cult-classic crime drama premiered on UPN in 2004 and continued for three seasons. The last season ran on UPN’s successor network, The CW, and despite some improvement in the ratings, the series was officially canceled in June 2007. As my Ars colleague Sam Axon wrote last fall, “Between its ties to struggling new broadcast networks and the fact that it was way too smart and had way too much social commentary for its own good—especially for a series that was framed as a teen show but that in a lot of ways really wasn’t—the series met an early mid-season demise with low ratings.”

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