US 5G Cities

5G is on the rise in the US, so just like with the 4G LTE rollout of years past, we are seeing a similar trickle out of 5G cities from US carriers. Whether they feature 5G mmW or sub-6 5G tech, there is a good chance 5G is close to your neck of the woods.

Since carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint only ever announce a couple of 5G areas at a time, we figured you might want a giant list of 5G cities for each, all in one place, that is (hopefully) updated regularly. You’ll find that here.

Verizon 5G Cities

Atlanta, GA Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, IL Providence, RI
Denver, CO St. Paul, MN
Detroit, MI Washington, DC
Indianapolis, IN

AT&T 5G Cities

Atlanta, GA Nashville, TN
Austin, TX New Orleans, LA
Charlotte, NC Oklahoma City, OK
Dallas, TX Orlando, FL
Houston, TX Raleigh, NC
Indianapolis, IN San Antonio, TX
Jacksonville, FL San Diego, CA
Las Vegas, NV San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA San Jose, CA
Louisville, KY Waco, TX

T-Mobile 5G Cities

Atlanta, GA Las Vegas, NV
Cleveland, OH Los Angeles, CA
Dallas, TX New York, NY

Sprint 5G Cities

Atlanta, GA Houston, TX
Chicago, IL Kansas City, MO/KS
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Updated July 31, 2019.


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