Verizon MiFi M1000 hotspot

Verizon added another 5G city and 5G device today to its growing list.

St. Paul, Minnesota joins Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, and Providence as 5G Verizon cities. Like the other four, St. Paul’s 5G is available in limited areas including Downtown, Lowertown, and West Seventh. More specifically Verizon describe the coverage as being in “parts of Downtown, Lowertown and West Seventh neighborhoods around such landmarks as the Minnesota Children’s Museum, the Minnesota Museum of American Art, the Fitzgerald Theater, Cathedral Hill Park and the Alexander Ramsey House.”

The 5G in St. Paul is the same 5G Ultra Wideband (mmW) that those other cities have. As we have explained countless times at this point, it’s very much like hotspot 5G in that it can produce Gigabit speeds, but you’ll need to be close to a tower, hopefully in direct line of sight, and not sitting behind a wall or door.

As for the new device, it’s the Inseego MiFi M1000 hotspot. While not as exciting as a new phone, Verizon describes it as the “first business-ready 5G device,” with its ability to connect to their 5G network and host 15 devices simultaneously. It’ll connect to 4G LTE too, since Verizon’s 5G is so limited.

The M1000 hotspot can be purchased today for $27.08/mo on a 24 month payment plan ($649.99 retail) or $499 if you sign-up for a 2-year contract.

For data, Verizon will let current Unlimited plan subscribers add a hotspot plan that includes 50GB of 5G data and 15GB of 4G LTE data for $30/mo. If you aren’t a Verizon subscriber, connected device-only plans for 5G start at $85/mo.

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