Galaxy Fold

According to the latest intel out of South Korea, the Galaxy Fold has “aced” its latest durability tests and is now ready for launch.

The tests were administered by a group of industry professionals and professors at Seoul National University and KAIST. Stated by the report’s source, “A couple weeks ago, Samsung Electronics sent out the Galaxy Fold to this group and word is that the phone aced the tests and is ready for launch.”

This sounds promising, but it’s basically what we’ve been hearing for the past few weeks. In fact, exactly one month ago is when Samsung said all of the Galaxy Fold issues were “ironed out” and that the phone was ready. In this case, though, it’s probably better to be safe than sorry.

I still haven’t held this device, but if and when it does make its way to the market, I’ll be interested in using it. While foldables have been taking their time to hit the market, we’re certainly ready for them.

// The Elec


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