pixel 2 xl display

With specs for the Galaxy Note 10 lineup emerging from leaks, we’re curious about your thoughts on FHD vs. QHD.

As reported, the Galaxy Note 10 is now expected to feature a 6.3″ FHD+ display, with a resolution of 2280 x 1080. The Galaxy Note 10+ will get the larger, higher resolution panel of 6.8″ at QHD+, though, the exact resolution is not yet known.

So the question is, do you care if your phone doesn’t have a QHD panel? When it comes to higher resolution, I imagine the only time you’re going to notice it would be if you’re consuming a lot of videos on YouTube or other sites that are available in 1440p and up. Personally, I don’t ever manually go in and select a high resolution, simply because my eyes are just fine with FHD 1080p. That’s just me.

What about you? Does a FHD display scare you away from the smaller Galaxy Note 10 or even the smaller Pixel devices versus the XL models?


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