abode, a maker of many smart home and home security products, announced today that is has enabled full on Google Assistant integration with its range of products.

Previously, abode’s Google Assistant integration was limited to controlling lighting, switches, and plugs. With this updated integration, abode users can now use Google Assistant to issue voice commands that give them control over all aspects of their abode system that can include lighting, locks, cameras, door and window sensors, garage door openers, plus arming and disarming security systems.

While away, owners can arm or disarm an abode system using the voice command, “Ok Google, arm abode to away mode” and “Ok Google, disarm abode”. Disarming the system using a voice command requires a 4-6 digit security code for verification. When home, you can ask Google Assistant to tell you what status the abode system is in currently and issue a voice command to change abode alarm status.

If you’re an abode user, this is sweet.

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