Snapdragon 855 Plus

Qualcomm unveiled a new version of its Snapdragon 855 this morning, called Snapdragon 855+. Sort of like how we had the Snapdragon 820 and 821 back in 2016, this new 855+ is a slightly improved version of Qualcomm’s high-end mobile processor to help take us through the rest of the year.

What’s different? Qualcomm bumped the CPU up from 2.84GHz to 2.96GHz. They also boosted the GPU by 15%. That’s it. Those are the only two differences. Oh, they added a “+” or “Plus” to the name too.

It’s still a 7nm chip that is ready for 5G connectivity and will likely power the next wave of top tier devices. We have no official word yet, but one could assume that this Snapdragon 855+ will be in the Galaxy Note 10 next month, as well as Google’s new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Qualcomm says that this new 855+ is expected to be commercially available in the 2nd half of the year, which is when those phones are dropping.

The Snapdragon 855 Plus model number is SM8150-AC.


// Qualcomm


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