Holy Prime Day Deal: Fire TV Stick 4K + Echo Dot for $22 (Updated: Sold Out)

We’re just now crawling out of bed on this fine west coast morning because it’s Amazon Prime Day and the first deal we came across is a doozy. You can grab an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K bundle that also includes an Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for $21.99. That’s both devices, with a combined discount of somewhere around $77.

The bundle is $25 off for Prime Day, but when you add to cart, Amazon is shaving another $52.99 off the price. So for $22, you get the ability to stream all the goods to any TV in 4K and the ability to control your world by voice.

Oh, and if you have the $10 Whole Foods-Prime Day to spend, then we’re talking about both devices for $12.

  • UPDATE: This deal is done.

Amazon Prime Deal Link

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