Educative Video Games For Kids

In kid’s entertainment, a mention of video games often triggers the notion of the harmful effects that they are associated with. However, if you choose video games for your kid wisely, they can be beneficial. They can help increase a child’s imagination and creativity and improve their problem-solving skills. Today the game market has become even more conscious when it comes to incorporating learning opportunities into games. It has been proven that when the process of learning involves fun, kids tend to learn more. Online shops reviews can prove beneficial when selecting educational video games for your kids. You can also look out for specific market places and reviews such as onbuy reviews to find educational video games for your kid. This article seeks to help you find beneficial video games for your kids and reviews some of the best educational video games available in the market.

1.   Civilization

This is a building simulation game in which kids will participate in diplomacy, decision making, planning, exploration, and strategy. It involves developing and growing a person’s civilization. If your territory lacks the needed resources, you will be required to trade and negotiate with other civilizations. The things that you will build include factories, granaries, universities, banks, and markets. When playing the game, one must make critical decisions on questions such as: Do you aim to win the game through technological development? If yes, you have to invest in scientific research. One can also conquer through building a strong military. There are also multiple other ways of winning the game, including a cultural victory and economic victory. Your decisions on allocating resources will be critical to your victory and the victory type you’ll have.

2.   Endless Ocean

In this video game, your kid will learn sea life and aquatic habits as they explore the world’s waterways and oceans. Endless Ocean allows players to become divers as they have an adventurer with L&L diving service and interact with various animal and plant life.  You will have to navigate the seas with interesting and unique characters, including a young, headstrong diver, a brilliant scientist, and a salty expedition leader. You will also explore underwater shipwrecks, trenches caves as you hunt for sunken treasures in the Manaurai Sea. You will also be able to lean and identify approximately 300 aquatic animals. This video game is suitable for kids aged ten years and above; it also has a feature that allows two-players making it possible for you to explore the deep blue sea together with your kids.

3.   Scribblenauts

Scribblenauts is a word-based adventure game that helps Maxwell, the game’s hero, complete his mission and gather yellow stars referred to as Starites. The game helps build kids’ creativity level as they use their language, problem-solving, and logic to solve each level. There’s no limitation to what a kid can pick and use to complete the puzzle. The game has several levels, and each of the levels is an open-ended puzzle. It can involve challenging tasks such as slipping past wolves or negotiating through crocodile-infested waters. If you find that you would need a rope, type the word rope, and it will become available to be used by Maxwell. There are also other available words such as a bicycle and lamp. In fact, there are over 22,000 words you can use to help Maxwell accomplish his task. Whatever a kid imagines will come to life on the screen, there is also the possibility of merging objects to achieve your goal.

4.   Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is a popular video game, with a book series, toy line, travelling show, and TV show. Like the TV show, Dora the Explorer video game involves kids being invited to follow Dora, who is with her friends on an adventure with a final goal in mind. Kids follow maps, learn new words, solve problems, and are involved in lots of fun. Kids can help Dora complete adventures and activities while learning about colours, words, numbers, and shapes. The game takes learning to a new level by allowing kids to interact with the characters directly.

In conclusion, while a mention of the word video games may trigger a notion of the potentially bad effects that video games may leave on your kids, this should not be the case. Instead, if you choose video games for your kids wisely, they will help your child in their learning process. This article offers a list of educational video games that are suitable for your kids to play.