The world has become a digital playground meaning it is like a small village. In today’s world you can take a call and connect with someone from the east or west of the world in a matter of seconds. The internet has made this to be a very good thing for the world but unfortunately some people prey on others on a very large scale. As a parent You need to be aware of your child’s activity to protect them from these vultures. You can track your child’s activity by using a cell phone tracker.

We all care for our children and we need to take care of them until they reach a legal age where they can take care of themselves. As long as one is a minor it’s essential to be able to track their movements and the activities on their phones. Here are five things you should keep an eye on.

· Who are they calling?

You should be able to track their incoming calls, outgoing calls and also be able to know who they’re talking to on the other side of the phone. However, you should not appear to be pushy as this might damage the bond with your child. Calls vary from normal calls to video calls.

· Who are they texting?

The majority of children do not make calls as much as adults do, they text instead. Children are cunning and will delete texts that they don’t want to be seen by their parents. A cell phone tracker enables you to not only see received and sent messages but also deleted ones and with time stamps attached.

· Where are they?

Another important factor is to track their GPs and you’ll be able to know the current location of your child, different places where they visited, and also its essential to know who your child is relating with in terms of Friends they might be going to. Tracking their location will also assist you in getting to them faster in times of emergencies such as earthquakes or dangerous situations such as been kidnapped.

· Browsing history.

The internet is a good place to learn new skills and also get knowledge but unfortunately it is also a place where you easily can get addicted to toxic things such as gambling, pornography, or games. you should also be able to track their browsing history to know what’s taking much of their time.

· Social media.

Over 3 billion people are on social media from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram. Social media is fun but it is also a cause of depression as your child might be comparing their life with those of celebrities. As a parent, you need to limit the time spent on social media


As a parent you might not know your kid as much as you might think you do. Cell phone trackers assist you to be sure of your child’s activity and whereabouts. This been said, tracking your child’s activity should not be considered as spying on them but protecting them till they get mature enough and reach the legal age to make decisions on their own