Fossil Sport

The Fossil Sport is receiving a new update today that includes the May security patch. That’s likely all that’s included, but if we find out more, I’ll be sure to let you guys know. Instead of that, I wanted to point out this neat little trick that helps you force available updates onto Fossil Wear OS watches, in case you check for one and get the “System is up to date” message.

Fossil Smartwatch Update Trick

Assuming an update is available that you know of, you can head into Settings>System>About>System updates on your watch. As it checks, it may finish by telling you that the “System is up to date.” But if you know there is an update available, stay on that screen and casually tap it for 30 seconds or so. If an update is indeed available, don’t be shocked if your watch all of sudden starts downloading it.

Why would that work? Tough to say if Fossil left this open on purpose or if it’s a bug of some sort we are exploiting. In theory, it seems plausible that by keeping that screen open and awake, the watch is constantly checking for the update and then eventually force pulls it. This move has been an ongoing trick/secret at the Wear OS subreddit for some time and I’ve had success with it on multiple occasions.

Give it a try!

Does it work on other Wear OS watches? Not that I am aware of, but feel free to check.


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