Spider-Man: Far from Home film review: Far from necessary

Enlarge (credit: Sony Pictures / Marvel Studios)

Comic and superhero film fans spent months wondering exactly what would happen to the Marvel Cinematic Universe once Avengers: Endgame concluded. Who would die? What would happen to the space-time continuum? Am I Groot?

While the movie answered some major MCU questions and was solid entertainment, it also ended with an unclear path forward. (It’s probably not a spoiler that a multi-part superhero epic concluded with some grim ramifications.) In some ways, Endgame seemed to set up crazy possibilities for Marvel films to come. But I’m here to tell you that, for now, those filmmakers are barreling ahead with exactly the business-as-usual fare you’d expect (or fear) from a multi-corporation entertainment franchise.

That fact lands with a thud in the form of Spider-Man: Far from Home, which plops into theaters on Tuesday, July 2. The powers that be at Disney, Marvel, and Sony Pictures (FFH‘s studio) followed one major Endgame plot thread to make this MCU superhero carry the whole load, and it was clearly the wrong move. The resulting adventure still offers solid action and laughs, but Spider-Man reboot lightning doesn’t strike twice.

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