Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active Gets a Big Ol’ Update

Samsung’s newest watch, the Galaxy Watch Active, picked up a sizable update this week that improves Bixby, general usability, activity tracking, and heart rate alerts. It’s a big one!

The images below describe exactly what the new stuff is, so I’m not going to go too deep on this. The basics are that Bixby on your Watch Active can now control SmartThings, start customized exercise routines, find out time differences between cities, and learn your style to become more useful over time.

Samsung is also tweaking their app drawer to be less annoying and now work with side-to-side swipes rather than those confusing circular gestures you needed to do previously. There is a new Goodnight Mode that turns everything up, but still keeps the clock just one tap away, automatic swim tracking, and a new Low HR setting to alert you if your heart rate drops for an extended period of time.

Pretty sweet update.

// Samsung


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