Galaxy S10 Hole Punch Wallpapers

As companies like OnePlus jump from notches right past the hole punch display phase of the smartphone world, Samsung is doing its best to fully embrace the design choices it made in its most recent phone releases. To kick off this long holiday weekend, Samsung released five Disney-Pixar wallpapers for the Galaxy S10 line-up that are free for you to use.

While there is already an entire section in the Samsung wallpaper and theme store for hole punch-specific wallpapers, most aren’t free. These new creations are (so are these).

The wallpapers feature Olaf from Frozen, two of the kids from The Incredibles, Mickey Mouse, and the sloth from Zootopia. You can find them by searching for “Disney” in the Samsung wallpapers store.

Disney Pixar Galaxy S10 Wallpapers

Not seeing any you like or can’t use these because you own a Galaxy S10+ with a double-wide cutout? Again, you should open the Samsung wallpaper and theme store to browse around, but know that Samsung plans to release even more wallpapers like this.

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