The Electron launch vehicle is ready to soar.

Enlarge / The Electron launch vehicle is ready to soar. (credit: Rocket Lab)

Welcome to Edition 2.05 of the Rocket Report! Some interesting news this week, including US military interest in a SpinLaunch concept, as well as a frank admission by some European rocket scientists that reusable boosters like the Falcon 9 are probably the way to go.

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DOD shows interest in SpinLaunch. New Mexico-based SpinLaunch announced that it has received an “other transaction authority,” or OTA cost-sharing contract from the Defense Innovation Unit, the Pentagon’s technology outreach office in Silicon Valley. Rocket Lab and Vox Space previously announced they entered OTA agreements with DIU. With a budget of $15 million, the Defense unit sought proposals from vendors for “responsive launch” options and selected four from a total of 24 submissions, SpaceNews reports. The fourth company has not been disclosed.

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