Peepholes come in a lot of doors. Should you have ever thought of replacing your peephole with a security camera, Amazon’s Ring has just the product for you. Called the Door View Cam and priced at $199, this little device replaces your existing peephole with a camera/peephole combo that features WiFi connectivity, allowing video streams to be sent directly to your smart device or Echo unit.

The unit is battery operated with FHD video streams, and given this is a Ring product, it is integrated with Amazon’s Alexa platform.

Basically, if your door has a peephole and you don’t want to replace your existing doorbell, this is the option for you. Frankly, I like this idea a lot and sorta wish my front door had a peephole.

You can purchase the Door View Cam for $199 or 5 monthly payments of $39.80 for qualified Amazon customers.

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