OMG, Thank you: Arlo App Adds Notification Muting

As much as I like Arlo cameras from Netgear as a battery-powered security system, they certainly aren’t without flaws. One of their biggest issues was eliminated today, though, and I’m super excited about it.

You see, I have an Arlo Pro 2 in my backyard and another on my front porch. They do a fantastic job at allowing me to cover areas of my house that a wired camera can’t without a lot of work I’d rather not perform.

Because they are perfectly placed and see everything, they are constantly sending me notifications to any movement. While that’s mostly a good thing, it also includes notifications for every single time I walk out of my backdoor to check on what meat I have sizzling on the grill (as well as the walk back inside), if my child is out crashing dump trucks for an hour, if my wife and I are chilling with an IPA in hand while the kid crashes trucks, or if it’s a bit windy and the tree nearby is a little extra shaky. And I’m talking notifications every 30 seconds sometimes, because it keeps catching movement.

Today, the Arlo app updated to allow for notification muting. The integration here isn’t quite right, but we’ll take it for now. If you update, head into the app, tap the top-right menu, and choose Settings. You should now see a “Mute Notifications” option that will give you choices of 30 minutes up to 24 hours.

That’s a great first step, but the muting is a system-wide option rather than a per camera setting. Hey, we’ve got to start somewhere, right?

The new Arlo app update is live right now for everyone.

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