Ewan McGregor stars as adult Danny Torrance in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Doctor Sleep, a follow-up to The Shining.

A hospice worker with psychic abilities must confront the horrors of his past to protect a young girl from a murderous cult in the first trailer for Doctor Sleep, the big-screen adaptation of horror master Stephen King’s novel. It’s a sequel of sorts, since both the novel and film explore what happened to young Danny Torrance as he grew into adulthood after the horrifying events of The Shining.

(Spoilers for The Shining novel and film; mild spoilers for Doctor Sleep the novel.)

King published The Shining in 1977. It became his first hardback bestseller and was adapted into a film by Stanley Kubrick in 1980, starring Jack Nicholson as struggling alcoholic and aspiring writer Jack Torrance. Initial reviews weren’t particularly favorable—King himself is not a fan of the film—but it’s now considered a horror classic.

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