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Google Trips, the poorly-put-together trip planning app from Google that hasn’t ever really seen much love, will be shutdown on August 5. That’s worth pointing out, even if no one uses it, because it’s the last remaining  trip bundling or organizing solution from Google with trip bundles still not arriving in Gmail from Inbox.

Not sure what I’m talking about? One of the best features of Google’s now-dead Inbox app was its ability to automatically create bundles of emails that showed you were going on a trip. It would try and grab your flight and hotel reservations, restaurant bookings, and any updates that arrived before you left. You could manually add or remove items to trips too. It was an incredibly useful tool that we keep hoping will one day show up in Gmail, now that Gmail is Google’s only email app.

With no signs of Gmail picking up where Inbox left off, Google Trips was really the only option for trip planning. With that now going away too, what’s left? Google says that you can find trip info in Google Search, but that they also plan to add a “Trip reservations” section in Google Maps.

And actually, I just looked in Google Maps>Your places>Upcoming and it’s already keeping tracking of some destinations I have on the calendar. Unfortunately, it’s no where near the level of organization that Inbox and Google Trips offered. It’s basically an acknowledgement that you will need to go to the airport on a date and is ready to help you find directions.

So yeah, Google Trips is dying on August 5 and Google isn’t really replacing it.

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