Google is Paying for Face Scans on the Streets, Possibly for Pixel 4’s Face Authentication

Google’s Pixel 4 is on the way and there is a good chance that there will be a big push surrounding its face authentication capabilities. We know that the Pixel 4 has a couple of cameras and other sensors built into its forehead, along with no external fingerprint scanner. Couple that knowledge with a story over the weekend that pegged Google engineers on the streets paying for face scans of people, and yeah, all signs point to some extra-hyped face stuff in the works.

The story comes from ZDNet, who claims a friend was hanging out in a park in New York and noticed some market research types approaching people. This friend asked the researchers what they were up to and they replied by saying they worked for Google and were “collecting data to improve the next generation of facial recognition phone unlocking.” They said that they had Googlers in many cities doing similar tests or research.

After agreeing to help, the supposed Googler then handed a case-protected phone over to the friend to let him run a quick selfie scan of his face from all angles. The Googler then paid him with a $5 Amazon or Starbucks gift card and moved on.

The fact that this guy was given just $5 for selling a scan of his face to Google is pretty funny, but we care more about the phone in the case and what that might mean for the Pixel 4.

Again, we don’t know what the phone in the case was, but we do know that Google is working on a new Face Authentication feature for either Android Q or the Pixel 4. We know that the Pixel 4 has cameras and sensors up top that could combine to offer a Face ID-like experience, as well as no visible exterior fingerprint scanner. And we now know that they are in the wild, on the streets, trying to bring you the next generation of face scanning magic. You should probably start accepting the fact that Google wants to scan the sh*t out of your face.

// ZDNet


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