The charred remains of Walter Huang's Tesla Model X.

Enlarge / The charred remains of Walter Huang’s Tesla Model X. (credit: S. Engleman / NTSB)

The family of deceased Model X customer Walter Huang has sued Tesla and the state of California in state court, the family’s attorneys announced on Wednesday.

“Mrs. Huang lost her husband, and two children lost their father because Tesla is beta testing its Autopilot software on live drivers,” family attorney Mark Fong said. He says the family wants to make sure that other drivers don’t suffer Huang’s fate.

Huang died in March 2018 while traveling on a freeway in Mountain View, Calif. He had Autopilot engaged as his Model X approached a point where an exit lane diverged on the left-hand side of the road. His Tesla struck a concrete barrier dividing the two lanes, and he died from his injuries.

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