Today seems like a decent day to stock up on charging gear.

Enlarge / Today seems like a decent day to stock up on charging gear. (credit: Anker)

Greetings, Arsians! The Dealmaster is back a bit earlier than usual this week to highlight a one-day sale that may be of interest to those in need of new charging gear. Amazon is currently discounting a number of wall chargers, battery packs, and charging cables from popular accessories maker Anker as part of its daily “Gold Box” discounts.

Anker runs these kind of peripheral deals frequently, often through discount codes, but most of what’s on sale here is at or near its lowest price to date. Here’s a quick rundown of the highlights:

  • The PowerPort Speed+ Duo wall charger is down to $19.49 from its usual $26. It comes with a 30W USB-C Power Delivery port, which is powerful enough to charge most new smartphones at max speed (with the appropriate cable) and can charge some ultra-thin laptops like Apple’s 12-inch MacBook. There’s a 12W USB-A port alongside that.
  • The black model of the PowerPort I desktop charger is down to $35 from its usual $50. This charger is more designed to live on a desk, but it also includes a 30W USB-C PD port along with four 12W USB-A ports. The whole things gets up to a maximum of 60W, so you won’t be able to get a full-speed charge from every port if you use them all at once. But at this price, it should still be versatile enough to be useful if you regularly have multiple devices to refill at once.
  • If you need new charging cords, a two-pack of the company’s MFi-certified Lightning cables is $15 instead of their usual $20, a three-pack of microUSB cables is $7.70 instead of their usual $11, and its braided USB-C cable is $9.50 instead of its usual $15. The first two items come with an 18-month warranty, while the USB-C cable comes with a lifetime warranty.

There are a few more deals beyond that, but these additional sales aren’t quite as enticing as the ones above. A pair of wireless chargers—one a flat pad, the other a charging stand—is similarly priced near all-time lows, but we found the former to be outclassed by a competing pad from RAVPower that is currently available for the same price and the latter maxes out at a slow 5W of power. Neither come with an AC adapter, either. If you can put up with the generally slower speeds of wireless charging as a whole, we think you can do better by paying up a little bit more.

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