Wireless chargers are becoming increasingly affordable, which is an awesome thing. For a limited time on Amazon, you can grab this Livitpi fast wireless charger at 40% off, priced at just $14.99.

This wireless charger isn’t just a charger you lay your phone flat on, though. Instead, you can use this charger as a dock and stand for the phone while it’s doing its charging business. Internally, the charger features a 3 coil pattern, allowing for the majority of its surface to be used for wireless charging. The only thing you’ll need to provide yourself, as it goes for most of these inexpensive wireless chargers, is an AC adapter.

As a bonus with the package, you get a cute little kitty finger strap for your phone. No idea why that’s included, but it apparently is.

To get the savings, follow the link below and add the coupon code during checkout.

Amazon Link (Coupon Code: 6FI9AGUG)


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