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Hardware as a Service – Resellers Becoming Managed Service Providers

In an effort to mimic the cloud, vendors, as well as resellers, are switching to subscription-based sales models for hardware and, according to the end users I spoke to, it sounds like it’s working out very well.

Last week Infinidat announced its – all-inclusive – pay-as-you-go subscription option for their Infinibox. They are not the first to do something like this. The Pure Storage Evergreen program was probably the first to hit the market a while back and has been praised for its characteristics and flexibility, but it’s definitely a good thing for Infinidat’s customers.

These kinds of programs are truly all-inclusive. In fact, they not only include hardware and maintenance but also unlimited system upgrades, migration services and so on. At the end of the day, it simplifies the procurement process, improves financial aspects of HW infrastructure management by reducing CAPEX (capital expenditure) in favor of OPEX (operating … Read the rest

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