Voices in AI – Episode 85: A Conversation with Ilya Sutskever


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Episode 85 of Voices in AI features host Byron Reese and Ilya Sutskever of Open AI talk about the future of general intelligence and the ramifications of building a computer smarter than us.

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Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI brought to you by GigaOm and I’m Byron Reese. Today my guest is Ilya Sutskever. He is the co-founder and the chief scientist at OpenAI, one of the most fascinating institutions on the face of this planet. Welcome to the show Ilya.

Ilya Sutskever: Great to be here.

Just to bring the listeners up to speed, talk a little bit about what OpenAI is, what its mission is, and kind of where it’s at. Set the scene for us of what OpenAI does.

Great, for sure. The best way to describe OpenAI … Read the rest


How Intel’s Newest Product Enhancements Could Redefine the Future of Infrastructure Design

On the 2nd of April, at their Data Centric Innovation Day, Intel announced a slew of new products, including brand spanking new ones as well as updates to existing product line-ups. There was some news for everybody – whether your specific interests are in datacenter, or edge, or infrastructures.  Among other things, what impressed me the most was the new Optane DC Persistent Memory DIMM, and even more so its implications when coupled with the new (56-core) Intel Xeon Platinium 9200 CPU.

Datacenter Optanization!

Up until yesterday, Optane was already considered a great technology, although to some extent it was seen as a niche product. Although more and more vendors are adopting it as an adequate substitute of NVDIMMs as a tier 0 or cache for their storage systems,  it was still harder to foresee a broader adoption of the technology. Yes, it is cheaper than RAM and … Read the rest


Voices in AI – Episode 84: A Conversation with David Cox


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Episode 84 of Voices in AI features host Byron Reese and David Cox discuss classifications of AI, and how the research has been evolving and growing

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Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI, brought to you by GigaOm and I’m Byron Reese. I’m so excited about today’s show. Today we have David Cox. He is the Director of the MIT IBM Watson AI Lab, which is part of IBM Research. Before that he spent 11 years teaching at Harvard, interestingly in the Life Sciences. He holds an AB degree from Harvard in Biology and Psychology, and he holds a PhD in Neuroscience from MIT. Welcome to the show David!

David Cox: Thanks. It’s a great pleasure to be here.

I always like to start with my Rorschach question which is, “What is Read the rest


The Future of Software Innovation? Hardware-Enabled AI & ML Innovation

Hardware innovation is a fickle beast.  It takes money, lots of money.  It takes time, a great team, and execution in more than twenty separate domains, many of which are often overlooked until it’s too late (certifications anyone?!).  But, I’ve got some good news. Hardware is back and it’s about to get really exciting.

You’re probably thinking right now,  “All I ever read about is how AI, ML, blockchain, and XR are ready to revolutionize the world” and that’s exactly the point.  There are some amazing software technologies coming out, but this “new” software has hardware in its DNA.  Until recently, smart technologies have largely been limited by their access points: computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.  Going forward, hardware innovations will become increasingly integral and valuable as the interface for tomorrow’s software. Hardware will capture the data through wearables, hearables, cameras and an increasing variety of sensors and will then be … Read the rest

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How IBM is Rethinking its Data Protection Line-Up

Following up on my take on the evolution of product and strategy of companies like Cohesity and NetApp, today I’d like to talk about IBM and its new data protection solution Spectrum Data Protect Plus.


In short, not too long ago IBM changed the names of all its storage products. I totally understand why they did it and it makes a lot of sense from a marketing point of view, but it is still confusing for people like myself that were familiar with the products before this change. Besides, with products now having similar names, it could be difficult to discern who does what.

In this particular case, data protection, you now have two products:

  • IBM Spectrum Data Protect: the good, old, TSM. While this product is one of those that have written Backup’s history and supports a myriad of Operating Systems
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NetApp Data Availability Services Integrate On-Premises & Cloud as One

At the end of February 2019, at Storage Field Day 18, NetApp presented another tool aimed at integrating its on-premises solutions with the cloud, NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS). As already mentioned in a previous post, this tool might be somewhat immature, but it has huge potential if developed in the right way.

Two Words About NDAS

Long story short, NDAS takes advantage of snap mirror functionalities available on NetApp Arrays and syncs volumes to the cloud. The cool part is that the content of the volumes is converted into objects (taking advantage of AWS S3). In the short term, it’s all about saving money because S3 is way cheaper than Elastic Block Storage (EBS), but the real deal comes from the fact that data stored in this format is much more re-usable for a major number of use cases, including index and search, ransomware protection, analytics and … Read the rest

margaret Mitchell

Voices in AI – Episode 83: A Conversation with Margaret Mitchell


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Episode 83 of Voices in AI features host Byron Reese and Margaret Mitchell discussing the nature of language and it’s impact on machine learning and intelligence.

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Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI brought to you by GigaOm and I’m Byron Reese. Today my guest is Margaret Mitchell. She is a senior research scientist at Google doing amazing work. And she studied linguistics at Reed College and Computational Linguistics at the University of Washington. Welcome to the show!

Margaret Mitchell: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

I’m always intrigued by how people make their way to the AI world, because a lot of times what they study in University [is so varied]. I’ve seen neuroscientists, I see physicists, I see all kinds of backgrounds. [It’s] like all roads lead to Rome. Read the rest

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Voices in AI – Episode 82: A Conversation with Max Welling


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Episode 82 of Voices in AI features host Byron Reese and Max Welling discussing the nature of intelligence and its relationship with intuition, evolution, and need.

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Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI brought to you by GigaOm, and I’m Byron Reese. Today my guest is Max Welling. He is the Vice President, Technologies at Qualcomm. He holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Utrecht University and he’s done postdoc work at Caltech, University of Toronto and other places as well. Welcome to the show Max!

Max Welling: Thank you very much.

I always like to start with the question [on] first principles, which is: What is intelligence and why is artificial intelligence artificial? Is it not really intelligent? Or is it? I’ll start with that. What is intelligence and why is Read the rest


Democratizing Data Management

Lately, I’ve written a lot about data-management for unstructured data and more in general, about the relationship between data management and secondary storage. While recently attending Storage Field Day 18, I received confirmation on what is coming in the near future for date management technologies. Simplification and democratization of data management will be key for end-user adoption and success.

Data Management, A Sort of Buzz Word

Unfortunately, the term ‘data management’ is becoming a buzz word among vendors, especially when it comes to data protection vendors. Some backup vendors are replacing Data Protection with the term Data Management when describing their services in marketing material. Although it’s becoming their main message, when you ask them to elaborate on the data management aspects they are challenged to articulate how their services align with the terminology.

Yes, there are exceptions. Some vendors have very clear roadmaps. But, as it often happens … Read the rest

Siraj raval

Voices in AI – Episode 81: A Conversation with Siraj Raval


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Episode 81 of Voices in AI features host Byron Reese and Siraj Raval discussing how teaching AI to the world can help improve the quality of life for everyone, and what the footfalls along the way are.

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Byron Reese: This is voices in AI brought to you by GigaOm, I’m Byron Reese. Today my guest is Siraj Raval. He is the director of the School of AI. He holds a degree in computer science from Columbia University. Welcome to the show, Siraj.

Siraj Raval: Thank you so much for having me, Byron.

I always like to start off with just definitions. What is artificial intelligence and specifically what’s artificial about it?

That’s a great question. So, AI, Artificial Intelligence is actually… I like to think of it as a giant circle. I’m Read the rest