ATT 5G Speeds

About a month after its 5G+ network hit 1Gbps download speeds, AT&T says that the same network has now reached the 2Gbps mark.

During testing in Atlanta, AT&T used their NETGEAR Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot while connected to their commercial 5G network to surpass their previous record. While not a phone, since AT&T still doesn’t sell a 5G phone, that’s an impressive number for a hotspot device that shows the potential of 5G.

As mentioned in their press note on the speed milestone, AT&T says that with those speeds, you could download a 2-hour HD movie in about 10 seconds.

Of course, I can’t help but point out that it won’t be long before AT&T charges you extra to reach those speeds that their fresh, untouched network is producing. Just this week their CEO said that they plan to copy the home internet industry by charging wireless customers for speed tiers. It’ll suck, don’t worry, and those speeds will only touched by those willing to pay a premium.

Good job, though, AT&T!

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