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Enlarge / Morpheus, aka Dream, aka the titular Sandman, is one of seven beings known as the Endless in Neil Gaiman’s seminal graphic novel series. (credit: YouTube/DC Comics)

Author Neil Gaiman is a hot property these days, between the STARZ adaptation of American Gods and the massive success of the TV adaptation of his novel with Terry Pratchett, Good Omens, on Amazon Prime. Now comes news via The Hollywood Reporter that Netflix is also jumping on the Gaiman bandwagon. The streaming giant is reportedly making a major financial commitment to adapt the Sandman graphic novel series for television.

For many of us, the Sandman comics were our first introduction to the prolific Gaiman’s work. It’s his re-interpretation of an earlier DC comics character. The titular “sandman” is Dream, but he is also called Morpheus, among other names. He is one of seven entities known as the Endless, and he has emerged from a long imprisonment to set right his past mistakes. (The other Endless are Destiny, Destruction, Despair, Desire, Delirium, and Death, portrayed as a perky punk/goth young woman—they became almost as popular as Dream himself and were featured in several spinoff comics.)

Gaiman’s 75-issue revival of the character are an odd mix of mythology, fantasy, horror, and history, rife with literary references and a fair bit of dark humor. There really is nothing quite like it, and the series proved to be hugely popular—and enduring. One standalone story, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (The Sandman No. 19) even won the 1991 World Fantasy Award for Best Short Fiction, the only time a comic has been so honored.

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